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Securing Your Vehicle For Safe Transport in an Enclosed Car Hauler

Transporting your vehicle in an enclosed car hauler requires proper preparation and safety measures to ensure a smooth and secure journey. While securing a vehicle might seem straightforward, taking the time to do it correctly is critical for protecting your vehicle and minimizing risk of damage during transport. In this article, we’ll walk through the essential steps for properly securing a car within an enclosed hauler.

Preparing Your Vehicle

Before loading your vehicle onto the hauler, take some time to prepare it for transport. Here are a few things you’ll want to do:

  • Remove loose items. Go through the interior and remove any loose objects that could slide around during transit like floor mats, spare tires, car seats, empty drink containers etc. Secure or store these items separately to avoid damage.
  • Empty gas tank. For long distance transport, it’s recommended to fill your gas tank no more than half full. This reduces weight and lessens risk of fuel leakage in case of an accident.
  • Secure windows and doors. Make sure all windows are rolled up completely and doors are securely closed and locked. Consider applying protective films on windows as an extra precaution against cracks or chips.
  • Inflate tires properly. Check tire pressure and inflate to the recommended PSI for transport listed in your owner’s manual. Under-inflated tires pose a higher risk of blowouts.
  • Disconnect battery. For transport over long distances or rough terrain, disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery is advised. This prevents accidental draining or short circuits. Mark terminals clearly before reconnecting.
  • Protect electronics. Consider unplugging sensitive onboard electronics like GPS units, dashcams etc. and safely storing leads and devices to avoid shorts.

Taking these preliminary steps before loading up helps secure loose items and preps the vehicle for optimal stability during travel. Don’t rush this important preparation phase.

Loading Your Vehicle

Once prepped, it’s time to safely drive the vehicle into position inside the hauler:

  • Drive slowly. Enter the hauler at a snail’s pace to maintain control and avoid sudden movements that could destabilize the vehicle or damage the hauler interior.
  • Use wheel chocks. As soon as your vehicle is in position, engage wheel chocks on both driver side and passenger side wheels to prevent any rollaway incidents.
  • Apply parking brake firmly. In addition to chocking wheels, engage the parking brake fully using either the parking brake pedal or park function on automatic vehicles.
  • Shift to neutral. On manual transmission vehicles, shift securely into neutral gear before setting the parking brake. For automatics, engage the park function.

Having the vehicle properly positioned and immobilized inside is key before securing it with tie-downs. Take care loading and never rely solely on brakes – always use wheel chocks for transport.

Securing with Tie-Downs

Most enclosed haulers have integrated metal tie-down tracks or D-rings securely welded to the floor. High-strength nylon webbing straps are used to firmly anchor the vehicle:

  • Front tie-downs. Attach the first strap just behind each front tire at an angle from the wheels to the front tie-down points.
  • Rear tie-downs. Connect rear straps from just forward of each rear tire anchored back to the rear tie-down points.
  • Additional points. If available, loop additional straps around heavy suspension points like the subframe, control arms or differential for greater stability.
  • Cinching securely. For all straps, pull taught using a ratcheting mechanism until holding the full weight with no slack but without distorting body panels.
  • Avoiding pinch points. Be careful not to run straps over parts like fuel lines, brake lines or exhausts that could be damaged.

Taking time to connect each strap properly prevents unwanted vehicle movement during braking, turning or rough roads. Proper tightening and anchor points are key to secure transport.

Additional Safety Tips

Following are some added tips to maximize safety:

Taking these extra precautions creates a safer, legal and more enjoyable hauling experience for both you and other motorists sharing the roadway. Your vehicle security and transportation hassle-free is the goal.

Transport Tips

With your vehicle properly prepped and secured inside the hauler, here are some final driving tips:

  • Obey all traffic laws. Ensureloads are legal and drive at safe speeds according to conditions like weather or traffic.
  • Avoid abrupt maneuvers. Accelerate, brake and turn gently to prevent excessive force on tiedowns from swaying cargo.
  • Inspect periodically. Pull over occasionally to visually inspect straps and retighten if needed, especially after heavy braking.
  • Load distribution. Shift weight forward under hard braking to balance G-forces and avoid exceeding hauler’s braking capacity.
  • Crack open rear doors slightly on longer trips to promote airflow and avoid exhaust fumes entering the enclosed trailer.
  • Plan ahead. Scan routes for overhead clearances, weigh station restrictions or seasonal road advisories needing attention.

Being an attentive, lawful and safety-conscious driver greatly reduces risk of incident when hauling expensive cargo like cars. Regular inspections and adjustment ensure tiedowns hold tight all through the journey. With care and preparation, you can rely on enclosed haulers for secure door-to-door transport of your vehicles.

Taking time to properly prepare your vehicle, position and anchor it securely inside the hauler with high-strength tie-downs is critical to transportation safety. Combined with obeying traffic laws and driving responsibly, you can look forward to a hassle-free trip each time with your ride arriving safely at its destination as secured cargo should. Safe travels!

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Shipping oversized loads can be complex and challenging, requiring meticulous planning and attention to detail. Every process step must be carefully executed to ensure safe and efficient transport, from securing the necessary permits to coordinating with escort vehicles. Additionally, specialized equipment such as flatbed trailers or extendable trucks may be required to accommodate the dimensions of these large items.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide tips for preparing my car for shipment?

Absolutely! Shipping your car can be a daunting process, especially if it’s your first time. But with the right tips and preparation, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. Firstly, make sure to thoroughly clean your car inside and out before shipping to avoid any delays or issues at customs. Secondly, remove all personal belongings from your car as most carriers do not allow items to be left in the vehicle during shipment. Lastly, make sure to take photos of your car before shipping for insurance purposes and keep important documents such as registration and insurance handy. With these tips and our reliable shipping services at, you can have peace of mind knowing that your car will arrive safely at its destination.

What should I look for when choosing an auto transport company to ship my vehicle?

When it comes to shipping your vehicle, the most important factor to consider is reliability. You want a company that has a proven track record of safely and efficiently transporting vehicles. This means checking their reviews and ratings from previous customers, as well as their insurance coverage and experience in the industry. Another important factor is price – make sure to get quotes from multiple companies and compare the services they offer. Look for additional perks like door-to-door service, tracking options, and flexible delivery schedules. It’s also important to choose a company that offers good customer service and prompt communication throughout the shipping process. With, you can easily compare prices and services from top-rated auto transport companies in one convenient place, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience for your vehicle’s transportation needs.

Are there any new regulations or laws affecting auto transport companies?

As the premier source for auto transport industry news, keeps you updated on all the latest regulations and laws that affect auto transport companies. From new safety guidelines to changes in shipping rates, our platform tracks and reports on these developments so that you can stay informed and make the most informed decisions for your business. With, you can trust that you have access to the most up-to-date information in the auto transport industry. Don’t let changing regulations catch you off guard – stay ahead of the game with

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With, getting a quote for shipping your car is easy and convenient. Simply visit our website and fill out the online form with your car’s details, including make and model, pick-up and drop-off locations, and desired transport date. Our advanced software will then generate an accurate quote from multiple reputable auto transport companies. You can also compare prices and services to ensure you get the best deal for your car transportation needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of calling multiple companies for quotes and let handle it all for you.

What are the latest trends in the auto transport industry?

At, we make it our priority to keep you updated on the newest trends in the auto transport industry. Our team stays on top of market changes, emerging technologies, and shifting regulations so that we can provide you with the most relevant and accurate information. From advancements in eco-friendly transportation to new safety protocols, we have you covered. Stay informed with us and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving auto transport industry.