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How to Ship a Car to Costa Rica

Planning to move to the beautiful land of Pura Vida? Shipping your car to Costa Rica can be a smart choice, allowing you to explore this stunning country at your own pace. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of shipping a car to Costa Rica, offering valuable tips and insights to make your relocation smoother and more enjoyable Shipping Quotes.

Whether you’re a new expat or a seasoned traveler, our step-by-step guide will help you navigate the logistics and ensure a stress-free experience when bringing your vehicle to this Central American paradise.

Choosing a Shipping Company

When shipping a car to Costa Rica, finding a reputed shipping company is crucial. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Research online reviews and check customer feedback to choose a company that has experience in transporting vehicles internationally.
  • Ask for quotes from 3-5 companies and compare pricing, included services, timelines, insurance policies etc. to get the best deal.
  • Opt for companies that specialize in vehicle shipping rather than general freight companies for a smooth process Shipping Quotes.
  • Check if the company is bonded and licensed to ensure your vehicle reaches safely.

Some top vehicle shipping companies for Costa Rica include:

  • APL Automotive shipping
  • DSV transport
  • Horizon Auto Shippers
  • Montway Auto Transport

Paperwork and Requirements

  • Obtain an export title for your vehicle from the state you own it in. This proves you own the car legally.
  • Get your car inspected by a mechanic to fix any issues before shipping. Cars must meet Costa Rican safety and emission standards.
  • Apply for a Carnet de Passage document if temporarily exporting the vehicle. It allows tax-free import for up to 1 year.
  • Provide your shipping company your driver’s license, title and passport copies in advance.

Preparing Your Car

  • Give your car a deep clean inside and out to protect it during the long journey.
  • Remove all valuables, personal belongings from the car.
  • Check tire pressure and fill fuel tank to at least half to avoid issues enroute.
  • Disconnect battery cables or tape them to prevent drainage.
  • Properly wrap or pad parts like mirrors and antennas that could break.

Bookings and Insurance

  • Schedule transportation 2-4 weeks in advance, especially during peak seasons.
  • Opt for door-to-door service for hassle-free transport rather than dropping off at a port.
  • Insure your car fully for its value covering risks like theft, damage or delays.
  • Consider insuring with your auto insurance provider for continuous coverage.
  • Pay shipping costs after confirmed booking via wire, credit card or PayPal.

Transport Options

There are three main options to ship a car to Costa Rica:

1. Ocean Freight

  • Cheapest option taking 20-30 days via container ship.
  • Car is secured inside a cargo container along with other vehicles.
  • Risks include longer transit times and potential for weather damage.

2. RO-RO Shuttle Services

  • Faster 7-10 days transit on car-carrier ships through the Panama Canal.
  • Vehicle securely tied down on its wheels on the ship’s cargo decks.
  • More expensive than container but still a budget-friendly option.

3. Land/Air Transport

  • Fastest 5-7 days option transporting to Miami then flying to Costa Rica.
  • Suited for expensive/classic cars to minimize risks yet pricey.
  • Car securely stored in air-ride trailer and flown as air cargo.

Shipping Quotes – Delivery and Customs

  • Your shipping company coordinates customs clearance and delivery in Costa Rica.
  • Present required ownership documents to customs officials.
  • Pay applicable import duties, taxes based on car age, value, fuel type.
  • Temporary versus permanent imports have different duty structures.
  • For permanent imports, register car with local license plates post clearance.
  • Inspect car thoroughly before signing off on delivery for any damage claims.

With proper research and planning, shipping a vehicle to Costa Rica can be an easy experience. Hiring experts ensures your car reaches safely and on time to continue your Costa Rican adventures. Proper paperwork and transport option chosen based on timelines and budget are key.

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