The Average Costs For Shipping A Motorcycle

Shipping A Motorcycle

Shipping a motorcycle comes with certain expenses that vehicle owners should be aware of before arranging for transport. This article provides an overview of the typical costs involved when using different delivery options like commercial trucking services, bringing your bike yourself using a trailer, or hiring a professional motorcycle transport company. Regardless of the chosen method, understanding the various cost factors can help motorcyclists find the most affordable way to get their vehicle to its destination safely and securely.

Commercial Trucking

For motorcycle owners who want to ship their bike long distances via commercial trucking lines, the base rates tend to be relatively affordable. However, some extra expenses are usually added on top of the base transportation fee.

Base Rate $1-2 per mile
Additional Fees – Fuel surcharges (based on current gas prices)

– Pickup/delivery charges (usually $150-250 each way)

– Preparing bike for transport (tie-downs, etc.)

Commercial trucking companies offer door-to-door delivery across the continental US and overseas. However, motorcycles ship as regular freight and may encounter delays. Insurance coverage is also usually limited with trucking. Overall costs typically range from $1,500-3,000 for long-distance trips depending on mileage, fees, and insurance upgrades.

Trailer Transportation

For motorcyclists who have the capability to transport their bike themselves using a trailer, this can be one of the most economical methods. Upfront costs include purchasing or renting a suitable trailer and vehicle suitable for towing.

Trailer Purchase/Rental $500-3,000
Vehicle Requirements – Towing capacity of 500+ lbs

– Trailer wiring/hitch installation ($200-500)

Ongoing expenses mostly consist of fuel costs for the vehicle. Estimated total costs for a cross-country US trip would range from $500-1,500 depending on trailer/vehicle owned versus rental. Benefits include flexibility and direct supervision of the motorcycle during transport.

Shipping A Motorcycle – Professional Transport Services

Specialty companies that solely focus on motorcycle transportation offer door-to-door services and personalized care of vehicles. While often the most expensive option, their expertise helps provide assurance and protection of high-value motorcycles.

Estimated Base Rates $3-5 per loaded mile
Additional Fees – Transit days charged separately

– Loading/unloading assistance

– Bike preparation/protection services

Costs vary greatly depending on distance, vehicle size/weight/specs, and special requests. Nationwide trips averaging 2,000-4,000 miles usually range between $3,000-6,000 total via transport services. Valuable bikes may be worth the premium for security and convenience through a professional carrier.

Shipping A Motorcycle – Other Considerations for Comparing Prices

Besides the transportation methods and basic rates outlined above, some additional factors influence the final cost of shipping a motorcycle that riders need to take into account:

  • Insurance coverage levels and added premiums for high-value or classic bikes
  • Taxes, duties, and other fees for shipping between countries
  • Time of year – Prices may be higher during peak seasons
  • Vehicle size/weight – Larger bikes cost more to transport
  • Special Requests – Expedited service, liftgate delivery, etc.

Doing research into all the applicable expenses is important for accurately comparing options and finding the best solution to match transportation needs, distances involved, and budget. With advance planning, riders can identify the most cost-efficient method for getting their motorcycle from one place to another.