Moving Truck Rental Price Comparison

Moving Truck Rental Price

Moving Truck Rental Price This article will take an in-depth look at pricing for moving truck rentals from five of the top rental companies as declared by Forbes:

It will discuss factors to consider when choosing a company and provide a detailed price table and analysis. Moving Truck Rental Price Let’s get started!

Rental Company Price Table

Company Daily Rate Reviews Availability
U-Haul $975 Excellent USA
Budget Truck Rental $1,520 Very Good Most States
Penske Truck Rental $1,650 Excellent Many States
The Home Depot Truck Rental $129.99 Good Local Only
Enterprise Truck Rental $99.99 Good Some Local Areas

As the table illustrates, daily rental rates for moving trucks can fluctuate substantially depending on the company. Let’s take a deeper look at some key considerations when comparing options.

Rental Company Price Table


As the largest rental brand, U-Haul has the widest network of over 23,000 locations across North America. They offer a variety of truck classes from cargo vans to 26-foot trucks. While rates are low, no insurance is provided. Customers are responsible for damages. However, optional plans provide liability coverage and loss of use protection. U-Haul is best for budget-conscious local or one-way moves without high risk.

Budget Truck Rental

With over 2,800 rental locations, Budget has a large national footprint. They offer moving trucks, cargo vans and specialty vehicles. Rates include insurance for liability and damages. Budget prioritizes maintenance and safety, making them a reliable choice for long-distance relocations. Their Gold Plus membership provides rental discounts and additional benefits. Shipping Quotes

Moving Truck Rental Price – Penske Truck Rental

Penske has over 2,600 locations globally and a diverse fleet including truck sizes up to 26 feet. In addition to insurance, they offer towing coverage and liability limits up to $5 million. While prices are higher, these extras provide peace of mind for high-value loads or difficult routes. Customers appreciate Penske’s new trucks and knowledgeable staff.

Moving Truck Rental Price – The Home Depot Truck Rental

For local moves only, Home Depot offers affordable daily rates starting at $129. However, their network is limited to major metro areas. Flat-rate pricing makes short rentals cost-effective but long distance or multi-day moves become prohibitively expensive. The selection includes cargo vehicles and small moving trucks.

Moving Truck Rental Price – Enterprise Truck Rental

Like Home Depot, Enterprise focuses on local, mainly one-day rentals through local branches. Daily rates begin at $99.99. They provide insurance and roadside help but have fewer options for long hauls. Customer reviews note inconsistent vehicle quality and service compared to larger rental brands.

Parting Words:

Taking into account factors like overall costs, distance traveled, and need for insurance coverage, one can determine which moving truck rental company offers the best fit. Always be sure to compare quotes from multiple providers as well. With careful consideration of your moving needs, it’s easy to find an affordable solution.